Best Surf and SUP Shops, Rentals, and Schools in Miami, FL

Every surf and SUP enthusiast has dreamt about Miami. The beautiful weather, glorious beaches, breathtaking views—what’s not to love? It is as gorgeous during the night as it is during the day.

When it comes to surfing and paddleboarding, there are more spots than you can explore. And do you know what’s better? You don’t have to bring your surf/SUP board or even be a pro at the sports.

You can learn when you get there and the board rentals are countless.

Best Surf and SUP shops, rentals, and schools in Miami

Check out this list of the best surf and SUP shops, rentals, and schools in Miami, Florida.

1. Adventure Sports

If you are into all kinds of watersports—surfing, SUP, kayaking, windsurfing, kitesurfing, sailing, etc.—you will want to visit Adventure Sports.

You can shop premium products or rent whatever you need and hit the water.

They have lessons for beginners and excursions for intermediate or experienced surfers and paddlers.

Address: 2750 SW 26 Ave, Coconut Grove, Fl and 8800 NW 13 Terrace, Unit 102 Doral, Fl


2. Hirooka Surf and Sport

Some people prefer not to learn standup paddle surfing at a beach full of staring eyes. If you are one of those people, you may want to check Hirooka Surf and Sport out.

They use a support boat to access private teaching spots for paddleboard surfing, kitesurfing, and wakeboarding.

Hirooka Surf and Sport shop also offers lessons and paddleboard rentals.

Address: 2699 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, Fl.


3. Island Water Sports Surf and Skate Shop

Having been in business for about 40 years, Island Water Sports Surf and Skate shop prides itself in being the “most complete surf and skate shop” in Miami.

They offer a wide selection of paddleboards, surfboards, skimboards, and wakeboards. And if you need a wetsuit, the shop will sort you out too. They have pretty much everything you need to get into the water.

For those who like the latest and most popular board brands, you will love Island Water Sports. So don’t hesitate to visit them.

Address: 16231 Biscayne Blvd, North Miami Beach, Fl 


4. Miami Beach Paddleboard

Miami Beach Paddleboard offers paddleboard, pedalboard, kayak, and surfboard rentals. You can rent a paddleboard or kayak for one hour or even a week.

Their standup paddleboard tours are fantastic. There is the sunset glow where you get to watch the magical Miami sunset. After that, you will enjoy a glow-in-the-dark SUP experience.

They also have a full moon glow tour. The full moon meets the sunset twice a month and it is something you wouldn’t want to miss.

With an electric surfboard, you don’t need waves. You will have instructors there to teach and supervise this activity the entire time.

Address: 1701 Sunset Harbor Drive, Shop C-102 Miami Beach, Fl


5. SoBe Surf

Regardless of your age, abilities, and skill level, SoBe Surf promises you an awesome time in the water. They will teach you how to standup paddle and surf like a pro.

SoBe Surf has been offering surfing lessons for over 10 years. It was the first school to provide SUP surfing lessons in the Miami area too. So they have more than enough experience.

If you don’t need the lessons, they offer board rentals and tours. You get to explore Biscayne Bay on a paddleboard and see lots of aquatic life.

Note: SoBe doesn’t have a storefront in Miami but the instructor will come and meet you at South Beach.

Address: 635 South Plumosa Street #11, Merritt Island, Fl


6. South Beach Dive and Surf Center

South Beach Dive and Surf Center has been around since 1995. So they are definitely doing something right.

The shop is located within walking distance from the South Beach surf break.

If you are already a pro, rent a board from South Beach Dive and Surf then go surf your heart out. They have an amazing collection.

For the beginners, they have experienced surf instructors who will have you catching your first wave in no time.

They also have diving and snorkeling gear and classes.

Spare a day and check them out.

Address: 850 Washington Ave, Miami Beach, Fl


7. South Beach Surf Club

Surfing can be intimidating, especially for complete beginners. South Beach Surf Club is among the best when it comes to teaching newbies and children (10 years old and above).

You will have one-on-one instruction, a surfboard, and a rash guard.

The instructors are CPR certified. They will get you started on the basics then move forward gradually. They are friendly and you will only move to the next step when you feel comfortable enough.

Address: 101 South Pointe Dr, Miami Beach, Fl


8. SURF Miami Beach

This is a mobile, family-owned and operated surf school. They have something for people of all ages and skill levels.

Whether you are traveling alone, as a family or group, SURF Miami Beach will take care of you.

The mobile school offers lessons for adults, kids, and groups. They also have after-school programs and summer surf camps for kids.

They have rental surfboards too but the availability is limited. So take note of that. The price you pay includes drop-off and pickup.

If you are an intermediate surfer, SURF Miami Beach hasn’t left you out. There are surf fitness classes as well as coaching and tour services.


9. TKS Miami Watersports

TKS Miami is a one-stop-shop for any SUPer and surfer (or aspiring surfer) visiting Miami Beach.

You can rent top-of-the-line standup paddleboards, surfboards, and kiteboards. They also offer lessons and group classes. 

TKS Miami will even teach you how to do paddleboard yoga. How cool is that? You will relax, have fun and exercise, all in one.

And if you forgot to pack your beach apparel, don’t worry. They have that too.

Address: 76th Street Collins Ave, Miami Beach, Fl.



Miami is where the fun never ends, and that includes fun in the water. Whether you are a total surf newbie or pro, you are guaranteed to have a good time in surfing in Miami. The surf shops & schools above will help you with that.

You can rent surfboards, paddleboards, kiteboards, kayaks and so much more. There are lessons for beginners and tours that offer a unique experience. So make sure you check them out.